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Cabinet Outdoors
Strong and stable framework of cabinet, which has the mounting holes. The side panel and rear panel are the double-panel designed, the panels are fixed by the bolt from the inner. Between the inside and outside side panel has the inter space , which provides the channel to ventilate and support the enclosure internal heat exchange, and also can reduce the influence of the sunlight illumination The roof panel has the awning all around stretches out to keep from the rain, the bottom of awning have holes to keep the integrity well ventilated, which guarantees the air exchange Luxury lock with three points bolted on the front door more security , side panels and rear panels are fixed by screws. PRODUCT CHARACTERISTIC The bottom have cable entrance with rubber ring The enclosure is the 19" structure, also can install the mounting panel The top loaded with fans to ventilate, two sides panels have the blind holes to output heat ORDER INFORMATION Material SPCC quality cold rolled steel Thickness:mounting profile and mounting angle:2.0mm;others:1.5mm Loading Capacity
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