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Tools and Tester:
Tools and Testers products for the every day technician´s requirements.
Choose the right tool for the right job, for Fiber Optics as well as for UTP cabling.
Products Coaxial Cable:
Our BNC Male Type
Connectors are miniature, light-weight and durable units suitable for a wide range of applications. Mating is by a 2-sutd bayonet lock.
Fiber Optic:
Longer distances
Large bandwidths
Zero EMI/RFI interference Isolated ground-loop issues Longer life cycle
Face Plates:
With our elegant line of faceplates and outlet boxes your installation will be
completed professionally and satisfy
Racks & Cabinets:
CONNECTION free Standing
Cabinets designed to provide
protection to your telecommunications equipment.
Ties & Labeling:
Made of high - strength, fire retardant nylon 100% genuine
Commonly used to facilitate the cable management but it has many others aplications
(home, office, etc).